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Bianca Modi started writing stories at 6 years old and hasn't stopped since. She doesn't really know what else to put in this section so here's some fun facts: She can cartwheel, she is an only child, she has a playlist for every possible event, she loves road trips to the beach, and she is a taurus sun, scorpio rising and gemini moon. The Art of Creation is her first published book. 

Asked Questions

What inspired you to write? 

I don’t think I can name a single moment that inspired me to write. Words have always been my favourite language— my method of healing, of reflecting, of expressing. They’re the way I process experience and emotion. Subsequently, I think a mosaic of inspiration had been building up inside of me. It just took some overcoming of fear and internal healing to finally write them down. 

How should the book be read? 

I put the book together intending it to be read in order, front to back.  Every word is placed after and before another word purposefully. I want the reader to experience the entire story, as it was written. 

Do you intend on releasing more work?


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