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This book is my personal masterpiece. It was built upon the  foundation of nothing but unfiltered emotion and feeling that intially, I had no intention of sharing. Somehow, these moments of vulnerability transformed into pages on pages of poetry. Somehow, pages on pages turned into the book you’re reading. 

That is the art of creation, at least to me. 


It’s the process of building something from nothing, the transformation of pain into power, and a near-blind faith that the setting sun will eventually lead to a better tomorrow.  I highly encourage you to read this book front to back, because beyond being a book of poetry, The Art of Creation is a story— a journey of transformation, heartbreak, and healing, told through observation and personal experience.


This is second edition, which means it’s slightly more honest, slightly more 

forgiving, and is the first introduction to some new work in the process. 

I hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it.  


—from Intro; The Art of Creation


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Author's Note  

I couldn’t tell you the exact day or time I started writing a book.

All I can remember is being 6 years old, writing my first story. I kept it for myself. I wrote another, and another, and then I was 10, filling shoeboxes with pages of poetry. I was 13, sharing my work anonymously. Finally it was sometime later and for a long time, I stopped writing.

There has always been a lot of fear inside of me— a lot of me holding myself back. It was a complex combination of wondering how people would perceive me, the fear of vulnerability, embarrassment— the list is  irrelevant. The bottom line is that I was creating my own resistance, and I think in some ways, this mechanism expanded beyond just my writing.

At some point within the past 2 years, that resistance like fear was overcome. Perhaps, it was overlooked. It took me a while, but at some point, I saw fear standing in front of me and made the conscious decision to walk around it. I think I can pinpoint the first time I really did that— July 2020.

I guess that’s why this is more than just a book to me. It’s a moment of walking around walls I’ve been building. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to do so.

I also have so so many people to thank— people who read drafts and drafts of the same piece, those who held my hand every time I broke down crying (or hysterically laughing), those who inspired the writing, and ultimately, those who gave me the space to just be me.


Thank you,

Bianca Modi 



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"I would simply breathe without feeling my breath latch onto panic, or obsession and then, 

if I felt peace, oh I'd do all over again." 

                             —from pg. 136

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