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I didn't intend to write an entire book. My intention was to heal. I guess for me, that looked like picking up a pen one September day and letting the words flow through me. What started as a single moment somehow transformed into pages and pages of poetry. Somehow pages and pages turned into the book you're reading. 

There is a lot of pain and struggle written into this story.

However, there is also a lot of self-reflection, transformation, and growth.

That is the art of creation— at least to me. It's the process of building something from nothing, the transformation of pain into power, and to watch the sun set trusting greater blessings are coming.  

The art of creation is exactly what you're reading.


—from Intro; The Art of Creation




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"I would simply breathe without feeling my breath latch onto panic, or obsession and then, 

if I felt peace, oh I'd do all over again." 

                             —from pg. 136

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